EFC AFRICA takes African MMA to new heights

Johannesburg (South Africa) – EFC AFRICA 07 delivered stunning submissions and earth-shaking strikes over four hours and ten testosterone-fuelled bouts. The atmosphere was electric with chants reverberating around the Coca-Cola Dome on 3 February during another world-class event.

“EFC AFRICA was pleased to deliver, as promised, an awesome night, a packed house and great fights. Fight of the night was closely contested by Gloss vs Anyaogu and Calvert vs Kabulu, but it had to go Gloss and Anyaogu due to atmosphere and the incredible amount of heart displayed by both fighters.”

“We now look forward to EFC AFRICA 08 where we bring you a new venue and numerous title fights. We hope to see you all there at Carnival City on 14 April.”

DRC’s Jean-Luc Kazadi dominated Clinton ‘Small Bull’ Nel, getting the tap by way of rear naked choke in moments. Nigeria’s Raymond Ahana redeemed himself with a convincing win against Riaan ‘Bullet Proof’ Lombard, outlasting his opponent and showing off a much-improved ground game.

Featherweight Demarte ‘The Wolf’ Pena was like an artist at work as he simply overpowered Mawande Mazithambe. After taking the fight to the floor, Pena ground and pounded his way onto Mazithambe’s back, sunk in a choke and let out a wolf howl of victory.

Josh ‘The Jedi’ Muller kept his promise to win on the canvas and take submission of the night, choking Mike ‘Canine’ de Bruyn out of the fight by way of triangle, while Liam Cleland came out of retirement to defeat talented young middleweight Armand de Bruyn, also by submission.

DRC’s Francois ‘The Frenchman’ Kabulu defied the odds, fighting in front of Ashley Calvert’s home crowd, resting Calvert’s grappling prowess and taking home a win with his devastating ground and pound after two rounds of all-out war.

Fans got the melee maelstrom they were craving when Victor Anyaogu and Leo Gloss locked horns. Anyaogu’s phenomenal toughness saw him resist Gloss’ fists well into the second round, but his haymakers were simply no match for the King in full swing. EFC AFRICA was proud to award these warriors fight of the night.

Paul ‘Dynamite’ de Vos took home a bittersweet disqualification victory, as Ian ‘Chucky’ Swart’s illegal elbows cut short a promising fight.

The much anticipated clash between Nolan ‘Real Deal’ Swanepoel and Mawande ‘Mr Magnificent’ Vapi ended on the ground, where Vapi tapped out to an agonising rear naked choke. Both fighters displayed their class with heartfelt congratulations in a fitting end to a turbocharged fighting frenzy.

The main card bout featuring Ruan ‘Fangzz’ Potts and Calven ‘The Butcher’ Robinson turned into a literal clash of the titans as Potts’ knees found the face of the immensely strong Robinson, before Potts’ fists finished the job.

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