Sean Robinson Muscles into EFC Africa

At 5ft10, 100kg and just 8.5 percent body fat, Sean Robinson is probably the most dangerous accountant you’ll ever get to know. Despite the 34-year-old light heavyweight’s strong Christian beliefs, he’s not against putting his God-given talents to use in the cage. He makes his pro debut at EFC AFRICA 08 against Nigeria’s Raymond Ahana.

A former karate champion, Robinson has picked up wrestling, judo, kickboxing, BJJ and powerlifting to make him one of EFC AFRICA’s most exciting light heavyweight prospects. “I started karate at a very young age and worked my way up to competing at the world championships at age 17. I was in the SA team every year up until matric. I then moved to kickboxing and kyukoshin karate and picked up some jits, wrestling and judo. I won the under 21 SA bodybuilding championships and I made the KZN team for the SA Benchpress Competition this year but didn’t compete due to this fantastic EFC AFRICA opportunity.”

“I first was exposed to MMA when the UFC started gaining popularity, about 1994. From then on, Karate didn’t seem quite enough for me and I tried to work in a few new techniques until I got banned regularly from karate training and competitions for excessive contact. I kept my martial arts going but my main focus throughout my 20s and early 30s was work. Last year in May I was heavily involved in bodybuilding, but it hit me that I’d rather be all show and all go, so I decided to dedicate myself to MMA. I’ve had one amateur MMA fight so far.”

In August 2010 Robinson fought Graham Gordon at the AFL. The fight went three rounds, at Robinson’s coach’s instruction, and is the reason the MMA community is so excited about Robinson’s pro debut. “My opponent was substantially larger than me; he was 6ft5 and 112kg. After the fight I didn’t have a scratch on me. My opponent couldn’t walk for two weeks. Graham is a good fighter and I wish him all the best for all his upcoming fights.”

“For a light heavyweight, I have a powerful build with a good base and low centre of gravity, so I’d say I’m well suited to MMA – and the size of my legs does help with the low base. No one can out-train me, so I’m eager to show what I can do at EFC AFRICA. The weeks of training are where I’ve bled the most, so this fight is going to be the cherry on the cake, I know I’ll be ready wherever the fight goes. What do I know about Raymond Ahana? I know that he should be training very, very hard. I saw his last fights, I was there for both, and I won’t disrespect him because it takes balls to climb into the cage. However, the only time you really see what a fighter is made of is when he gets punched in the face, so let’s see what he brings on the night. This is going to come down to whose heart is bigger, and I can guarantee no sane person is putting as much into this as I am.”

Robinson trains under boxing coach Hardy Mileham and karate coach Mike Norman and Karin Prinsloo. “My boxing coach has a ton of experience and has cornered numerous champions. My karate coaches are the national karate and SA Commonwealth team coaches, and I know they are all on board fighting this fight with me; I’m just the lucky one who gets to step into the cage. I’d also like to thank all my sparring partners and coaches at other gyms who are always willing to help and give advice. The day we stop learning is the day we start losing.”

When not training or fighting, Robinson is involved in WAR Supplements. “Our range is developed for extreme athletes rather than bodybuilders. When you’re training for MMA, there’s only so much you can get hold of to recover between workouts, and WAR Supplements caters to that need.”

Robinson is also a family man, with enough testosterone to counterbalance a household dominated by women. “My wife was last year’s Miss SA first princess, she’s a real girly girl, but she shocked everyone by taking to my MMA career 100 percent. She’s the reason I know I’m meant to do this. I also have two daughters, very girly girls, but they are proud to tell everyone, especially the boys at school that bother them, exactly what their dad is involved in.”

How do you overpower a man that can bench 375 pounds, squats 550 pounds and deadlifts 595 pounds? Watch EFC AFRICA 08 to find out if it’s even possible!