Rings Worth Fighting For

Johannesburg (South Africa) – On 9 June, EFC AFRICA heavyweight champion Norman ‘Chef’ Wessels received his EFC AFRICA Championship Ring from Orpheo Twins exclusive jeweller.

Each ring is valued at R30 000, and all EFC AFRICA champions will receive one, which is theirs to keep regardless of whether their title belts are successfully defended in future. Orpheo work is uniquely distinctive, blending Latino-African passion with Swiss precision to create some of the world’s most sought-after jewellery. EFC AFRICA and all EFC AFRICA champions are truly honoured by such generous gifts.

EFC AFRICA champions Adam Speechly, Garreth McLellan, Costa Ioannou and former champion Wentzel Nel, will receive their EFC AFRICA Championship Rings at the EFC AFRICA 09 weigh-in on 29 June at the Coca-Cola Dome.