Martin van Staden has Diesel power

Martin van Staden and conditioning coach Rory Diesel (cousin of EFC AFRICA fighter Neil Diesel) dropped in at the EFC AFRICA office this morning.Van Staden was full of energy and it was clear that he was in great shape for his upcoming bout with Dino Bagattin at EFC 10. “I’ve been in Joburg for the last 8 days as part of a 10 day skills program,” said van Staden. “Rory has taken me to many great trainers and helped improve my dietand nutrition, and I’ve managed to keep my weight up but make big changes to my body composition. If I look at what I was capable of before my last fight with Steven Momah at EFC 09, I’d say I’ve improved by about 80 percent. My speed, strength and endurance have shot through the roof.”

“The level of MMA training in Joburg has been a real eye-opener because the depth of skill is so impressive.I’ve been doing all kinds of training up here, from jits at Rio Grappling in Springs, to pad work with Shane Watkins and boxing with John Krieger at Ultimate Fitness. When fight night comes, I’m going to be more than ready!”