Bam Bamz joins EFC AFRICA

Johannesburg (South Africa) – EFC AFRICA is proud to introduce Shane ‘Duke’ Wellington as EFC AFRICA hexagon announcer. Wellington brings life and personality to one of the most essential roles in the industry, and his enthusiasm ensures that the voice of EFC AFRICA will be both charismatic and energetic.

For years, Donavin ‘Bam Bamz’ Hawkey has been widely regarded as SA’s top light heavyweight fighter. He now joins EFC AFRICA’s middleweight division and plans to crush all opposition on his way to the title. His first fight at EFC AFRICA takes place on 10 November at EFC AFRICA 11, where he faces Michiel Opperman. The two have fought before and Hawkey expects to emerge victorious once again, although not as easily as he did the first time.

“Our first fight was a short fight that I won by heel hook,” said Donavin. “Michiel came from a mainly stand-up background and hadn’t properly adjusted to MMA yet. However, he has improved dramatically. In fact he’s changed his game completely, look at his last fight where he beat a ground specialist by triangle!”

Donavin’s last fight took place in New Zealand in April, and he admits that he may have a little ring rust to shake off, as well as inner demons to conquer in his return to the cage. “The tour to New Zealand was a dramatic one as my coach Kevin Thomas passed away on the trip. It was a huge loss for me and the rest of the Kevin Thomas Fight Academy and I then went into my fight with the intention of getting it done quickly. I actually went too hard, breaking my hand in the first round. I only felt it during the break before round two, and then it began to affect my performance, which went downhill.”

Now that Donavin is part of EFC AFRICA, the dream match-ups that SA MMA fans have been calling for can finally happen. Naturally, Donavin also has a few bouts in mind… “My goal is to get to the middleweight title. I want to fight Garreth and Jeremy, whoever I need to for the belt. Yes people have also asked about Darren Daniel, but I heard he stopped competing or moved to welter. Either way, I don’t see him as much of a challenge and there are a lot more dominant fighters in middle and light heavy that I’d rather test myself against.”