Little Fighter shows heart of a warrior at EFC AFRICA 10

Johannesburg (South Africa) – One of the toughest fighters that won respect from everyone he met at EFC AFRICA 10 was Boksburg’s Cameron Smith. 7-year-old van Cameron has Hodgkins Lymphoma and is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

Cameron first became ill in August 2010 and developed a swelling under his jaw. As his family did not have medical aid he was taken to a government hospital where he was diagnosed with Tonsilitis. He received treatment but the swelling did not abate and over the next few months various diagnoses were made, accompanied by various treatments. In June this year stage 2 Hodginkins Lymphoma was finally diagnosed and he began chemotherapy on 18 July. He and his family were graciously invited to EFC AFRICA 10 on 1 September by EFC AFRICA athlete Sean Robinson, a Little Fighters Cancer Trust Ambassador.

“A close family member was diagnosed with cancer last year but has fortunately been in remission,” said Robinson. “While my family member was undergoing treatment I visited an oncology department and was shocked to see how many kids were being treated. It was very disturbing to see young children with no hair and drips in their arms, but it struck me how brave they were, not one was moaning, in contrast with how depressed all the adults looked. I decided to do some research and found Little Fighters Cancer Trust, and with me being an MMA fighter is was such as obvious choice to become a LFCT ambassador.” According to Mandie Erasmus of LFCT, September is childhood cancer awareness month and childhood cancer awareness is very much lacking in South Africa, even though childhood cancer is responsible for more child deaths than any other disease worldwide, including AIDS. LFCT supports child cancer victims and their families by:
– Offering assistance with paying ever-mounting medical expenses. – Distributing food, clothing, medical equipment and medication. – Organizing special outings and treats for Little Fighters and their families. – Organizing prayer and healing groups. – Assisting with transport costs between the home and medical centers.

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust appreciates any involvement which aids in raising childhood cancer awareness and/or much-needed funds. More information available at