Defending Champs Ioannou and Potts Drug Free

Johannesburg (South Africa) – EFC AFRICA is proud to announce that both lightweight champion Costa Ioannou and heavyweight champion Ruan Potts were tested after defending their titles at EFC AFRICA 11 and found to be 100% free of any performance enhancing drugs. EFC AFRICA athletes were randomly tested shortly after their bouts on 10 November, and all results have come back clean.

“Our athletes are the best mixed martial artists on the continent, but what they go through both physically and mentally on fight night is intense,” said EFC AFRICA president Cairo Howarth. “Combine this with the vast array of skills required to compete at the top level of the sport and it is clear why they train harder than athletes in any other professional sport. Congratulations again to both Costa and Ruan for proving that you can reach the top and stay there without doping, we are proud to have you as ambassadors and champions.”

A number of mainstream sports in South Africa receive government funded anti-doping and medical assistance, whereas EFC AFRICA self-funds all testing and medical screenings. Additional medical checks that are funded by EFC AFRICA for all of its athletes are CT brain scans, blood tests, concussion testing and pre-fight medical assessments. This investment puts EFC AFRICA on par with the USA Athletic State Commission regarding safety, rules and regulations.