JP Joubert Powers Through Cracked Skull

All athletes recovering well after EFC AFRICA 15

Above: EFC AFRICA light heavyweight champion JP Joubert’s skull fracture

Johannesburg (South Africa) – EFC AFRICA 15 on 27 July featured 26 of Africa’s finest warriors. Of the 13 bouts, 6 ended by submission due to joint locks or chokes, 1 by submission to strikes, 4 by technical knockout or knockout due to strikes, 1 by disqualification and 1 by judges’ decision after three rounds.

All EFC AFRICA events are overseen by Event Doctors’ fully qualified medical team. According to doctor Ewoudt van der Linde, injuries sustained at EFC AFRICA 15 were:
Lance Ceronio: Abrasion above left eye.
Alain Ilunga: Anterior epistaxis (nosebleed).
David Buirski: Minor lip laceration.
Liam Cleland: Concussion. Put under medical observation for 30 minutes and referred for a CT scan.
Donavin Hawkey: Forehead laceration.
Mohmed Karim: Multiple abrasions to scalp, nose and lower lip.
Dino Bagattin: Possible metatarsal fracture on right foot. Sent for x-rays.
Martin van Staden: Right foot, right hand and left forehead abrasions.
Tyron Rightford: Left eyebrow laceration. Referred for CT scan.
Raymond Ahana: Bilateral eyebrow lacerations.
Norman Wessels: Multiple chest and abdominal blunt trauma injuries, suspected chest/rib fractures. Referred to hospital for scans and treatment.
JP Joubert: Frontal sinus fracture and concussion. Transported to hospital for CT scan and treatment.

EFC AFRICA is pleased to announce that all injured athletes are recovering well and looking forward to their next bouts. EFC AFRICA returns to Johannesburg’s Carnival City on 19 October for EFC AFRICA 16. Tickets on sale soon at and tickets for the live broadcast to Nu Metro Cinemas available soon at

For more information on EFC AFRICA’s safety regulations, please refer to: /news/2011/april/efc_africa_news_article_mma_safety_SA_facts.php