I Am The Ninja

Naumann responds to van Staden

Johannesburg (South Africa) – Last week Johan ‘The Gun’ van Staden hit back at Frederich ‘Ninja’ Naumann, asking ‘who is he?’ over comments Naumann made about Van Staden’s potential conditioning ahead of their bout at EFC AFRICA 20. Here Naumann responds:

Who is Frederich Naumann?
I’m an accountant during the day and a Ninja during the night. When I step into the cage I’m not there to survive, I’m there to hunt, I’m there to finish.

What does Frederich Naumann want?
I want the lightweight title before the end of the year. Anyone who gets in my way is going to get walked over. Anyone who gets in my way is a stepping stone.

What is Frederich Naumann going to do to Johan van Staden?
I’m going to pressure him. I’m going to attack him aggressively and the fight is going to be at my pace, a brutal pace. Eventually I’m going to tire him out and if I don’t take him out on his feet I will submit him. Johan van Staden isn’t serious about the title, he’s only there for the paycheck.

Why is Frederich Naumann called the Ninja?
I was in a bar, this was years back before I began competing. We were playing pool and having fun when this guy started messing with my friend, hitting him around and such. I told him to stop but the bouncers got involved and we got thrown out. Outside this guy kept going so I gave him a leg kick then one to the head. Lights out. His friend came. Lights out. Two guys down. Two weeks later I was in a shop and I saw this guy walking, limping. He looked familiar. My sister went to talk to him and found out that he was limping because he was attacked by a Ninja two weeks ago in a bar. The name stuck.

Where is Frederich Naumann most dangerous?
Off my back and when I’m attacking. When I’m attacking I’m lethal. I want a KO or Fight of the night to go with my two Sub of the nights. Johan has never been knocked out, I want to prove a point.

What else does Frederich Naumann want to say?
When I was a little boy I watched a movie about a Ninja. Guys were shooting at him, six or seven guys, and all the bullets missed. What I realized then, I was seven years old, was this: Ninjas dodge bullets. Don’t blink when you fight a Ninja, because you’ll lose a limb.

EFC AFRICA 20, presented by MusclePharm, takes place at the Carnival City Big Top Arena on 27 June 2013. Tickets on sale now at www.computicket.com. Tickets for the live broadcast to Nu Metro Cinemas available soon at www.numetro.com.

Broadcast information and full fight card available at efcafrica.com