Mynhardt VS. Madge, Confirmed!

The final reckoning, Oct 2, Carnival City.

Leon Mynhard (left) will defend his lightweight belt against former champion, Don Madge.

Johannesburg (South Africa) – Perhaps the greatest and most controversial rivalry in EFC history gets its final reckoning, when lightweight champion Leon ‘Iron Lion’ Mynhardt and former champion Don ‘Magic Man’ Madge, meet for the third time.

Their first bout, at EFC 13, propelled both into the global limelight. Madge for his phenomenal talent as a striker, and Mynhardt for his brutal toughness. It is still remembered as one of the most legendary fights in EFC history, much of it for its controversial ending.

Deep in the third round Mynhardt, his face cut up by the speed of Madge, landed a sledge-hammer that rocked Madge back, and had him indicating to the referee to stop the fight. Here opinions differ. The referee took Madge’s call for a time-out as a verbal submission. Madge insists he was letting the referee know that his gum guard had been bitten in half, and Mynhardt keeps things simple with “you gave up, bro.”

Mynhardt took the win, and Madge’s fans have never forgotten the injustice.

Their second bout took place at the same venue, Cape Town’s GrandWest Grand Arena, this time with Madge wearing the champion’s belt around his waist. After his ground demolition of Costa Ioannou, all expected him to dominate Mynhardt – then known as a notoriously flawed grappler. Mynhardt entered the bout a different animal, resisting every submission attempt.

The fight went the distance and was closer than close. The announcement of a split decision victory to Mynhardt went rocketing around the world. He left Cape Town with the belt. Once again Madge and his fans were left on the wrong side of a decision that on any other night, could have gone the other way.

Mynhardt is the man that Madge has been unable to beat. He is his nemesis. For their third encounter they face each other in Johannesburg, the first time they fight in Mynhardt’s home town. Perhaps on that night the planets will finally align to give Madge the crucial edge, in a rivalry that has already gone down in the history books.

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