Oneplan Back Athletes

Prinsloo, Mukulu & Scheepers receive payout

Morne Prinsloo (left) in action against Josh Muller

Johannesburg (South Africa) – ONEPLAN Health Insurance, EFC’s insurance partner, have once again backed EFC athletes with payouts made to three competitors. Morne PrinslooBruno Mukulu and Roelof Scheepers have each received payouts in compensation for being unable to compete due to injuries sustained in previous fights.

Prinsloo suffered a spinal concussion, causing him to miss one fight opportunity, Mukulu similarly missed out on one opportunity with an ankle injury, and Scheepers also missed one opportunity due to a knee injury.

“Injuries are a reality in any full contact sport,” said EFC president Cairo Howarth. “Having ONEPLAN’s cover is in place is a great bonus for the athletes.”

EFC signed a landmark deal with ONEPLAN Health Insurance in October of last year. Since then several payouts have been made to EFC athletes.

“We are proud to provide cover to the EFC athletes and to have a positive impact on the athletes who miss out on the opportunity to compete due to injury,” said Michael Otten, the managing director of ONEPLAN. “We are looking at ways of expanding greater cover to the athletes in the future and using the EFC as a platform for the launch of new and exciting products tailored to the ever-growing audience.”

“I have never been compensated for injuries in my entire life as a martial artist,” remarked Morne Prinsloo. “This is such a great benefit to fighting for EFC. Thank you ONEPLAN!”

ONEPLAN Health Insurance offers EFC athletes disability cover for injuries sustained during EFC competition, determined on a case-by-case basis.