Ass Kikkin’ Back Flippin’ Then Cash Out

Smacktalk interviews Madiba

Tumisang Madiba in mid back-flip off the top of the Hexagon

Johannesburg (South Africa) – The undefeated Tumisang Madiba, training out of XKT in Springs, Johannesburg was recently interviewed by Smacktalk ahead of his main card bout against Pierre Botha.

Following is an extract from the interview, full article and interview here:

What do you think of Botha’s fighting style?
He’s a great wrestler! I mean the guy has achieved so much in his discipline, he was wrestling when I was chasing a soccer ball.

If you could fight anyone in any division, in any promotion, who would it be and why?
Man I’m contracted to the EFC and I fight whoever they give me, whenever they give them to me! I want to be Champion at EFC, so I want to fight the Champion, I want to fight the best! If its my old friend and high school mate Boyd Allen, so be it! And whoever I fight before that to hold sway, I’m down for that!

Will we be seeing that amazing backflip off the cage come fight night?
Haha, The kids I’m my hood ask me to it for them every time! They asked I do it like I’m doing it for TV! So now we on TV, hell yeah! Ass Kickin’ Back flippin’ then cash out!

What would you do if that flip ever went wrong? Walk it off and smile or make like it was supposed to end with you on your back on not on your feet this time?
Haha! I’d laugh at myself so hard! But if that happened, I’d probably have to be carried out! So, that is not happening, I’m landing it every time I do it!!

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