Shift In Weight

Multiple Athletes Change Divisions

Tshilumba Mulumba weighs in

Johannesburg (South Africa) – A number of EFC athletes have recently changed weight divisions in order to reach maximum pound-for-pound potential.

“We don’t mind the guys moving weight divisions too much,” said EFC President Cairo Howarth. “As long as weight cuts are done safely and responsibly, athletes should be in the weight division that suits them best.”

Howarth added, “we know that if done irresponsibly, weight cuts can take a toll on the body. Internationally we’ve seen the dangers that can result from this. EFC, along with the MMA SA PRO association, are investigating and implementing ways to help ensure that athlete’s weight cuts are done safely.”

If you want to keep up-to-date with the recent division movers, take a look here:


Bill Thusi from featherweight to bantamweight

Peter Nyide from featherweight to bantamweight

Anthony Mailer from lightweight to featherweight

Tshilomba Mulumba from lightweight to featherweight

Themba Gorimbo from welterweight to lightweight


Barend Nienaber from featherweight to lightweight

Pierre Botha from bantamweight to featherweight

With the prospect of an EFC flyweight division on the horizon, we could be seeing a few of the bantamweights moving down in the near future.

Current EFC weight divisions
Bantamweight – over 57 kg. to 61 kg.
Featherweight – over 61 kg. to 66 kg.
Lightweight – over 66 kg. to 70 kg.
Welterweight – over 70 kg. to 77 kg.
Middleweight – over 77 kg. to 84 kg.
Light Heavyweight – over 84 kg. to 93 kg.
Heavyweight – over 93 kg. to 120 kg.

These moves in division come soon after Demarte Pena, the former featherweight champion, relinquished his featherweight title to drop down and conquer the EFC bantamweight division. Now he puts his new title on the line for the first time on 2 October at Carnival City.

Defending his belt on the same night is the lightweight champion Leon Mynhardt, he goes head-to-head with the ultimate finisher Sibusiso Mdoko.

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