Champions edge ahead as favourites

Johannesburg (South Africa) – EFC 37 betting is now open at the leaders in sports betting, and the odds on the night’s main events between champions Leon Mynhardt and Adam Speechly and the challengers Don Madge and David Buirski have the champions as the leading favourites. has set three fights with heavy favourites where you can make double your stake or more. Ceronio, Misholas and Thusi all walk in as big under-dogs. Meanwhile Mokgolo walks in with the unfavourable odds of 18/10. odds favour Gorimbo, Du Plessis and M.Buirski from the evening’s live main card, global broadcast. The champions are edging their challengers in the odds as the favourites. The statistic gurus at BetXChange are betting against the curse and see Speechly holding onto the welterweight title for the first time in history. Conversely BetXchange sees history repeating itself in the main event of the night with the trilogy between Leon Mynhardt and Don Madge.

Odds on the night’s top five bouts are as follows:
Mynhardt vs. Madge – Mynhardt the favourite at 7/10 vs. 1/1
Speechly vs. Buirski – Speechly the favourite at 4/10 vs. 16/10.
Daniel vs. Du Plessis – Du Plessis the favourite at 12/10 vs. 6/10.
Madiba vs. Buirski – Buirski the favourite at 1/1 vs. 7/10.
Gorimbo vs. Cheboub – Gorimbo the favourite at 6/10 vs. 12/10.

Fight fans can make use of’s MOBI site, giving customer the full range on a mobile platform, allowing bets to be placed from any seat inside the venue, as well as at the counter throughout the night. also offers the option of betting on the method of victory. is a leading sports betting company with over 10 000 betting options as well as an online App. Bets can be placed on all bouts at EFC events from as little as R1/ Visit or call 011 712 4610 for more information.

EFC 37: Mynhardt vs. Madge III, Speechly vs. Buirski is presented by, and takes place at Carnival City, Johannesburg, on Saturday 21 February 2015. Tickets on sale at Book your cinema ticket to all fights live and in state of the art digital projection at Watch the entire event live, from anywhere on the globe, via online streaming at