Kabesa can’t foresee any chance of losing

Johannesburg (South Africa) – DRC native and wrestling phenom Igeu ‘Smiley’ Kabesa is on a four fight winning streak, having run through all of his opposition. His next challenge comes at EFC 38 in the form of Durban local Saxon ‘One Minute Monster’ Delafield. Who claims he is unbeatable in his home town.

“Well with this fight, there is nothing new to work on,” stated Kabesa this morning. “With Saxon it is just back to basics. I’ll watch out for his power hand.”

“Saxon and I are friends; I don’t see this as any bad blood whatsoever. I know on the night, I will overcome him and get closer to that title,” Kabesa exclaimed. “I can’t see him matching my skill level nor my fight pace. I’m just over skilled and most people can’t match me. The only way to beat me is to knock me out, which I know with my wrestling background, the chance of that happening is zero to none.”

Kabesa concluded with: “Well Saxon bud, I hope you bring it because I will be smiling all day, every day.”

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