Norman Wessels gives his second championship ring to coach Richie Quan

Johannesburg, South Africa – Today at Opheo Twins Jewellers in Hyde Park shopping centre, EFC champion Demarte ‘The Wolf’ Pena, two division champion, and head coach Richie Quan went to collect championship rings and additional diamonds. Pena received his sixth diamond in total for his successful defence against Francois ‘Franaconda’ Groenewald. Featherweight Boyd Allen, collected his seconds diamond on Thursday.

Each EFC champion’s ring is made of yellow gold and fine silver, inside the champion’s name is inscribed and the date of his title victory inscribed behind. In addition each title defence earns the champion the addition of a white, brilliant cut, .05 carat diamond that is once again personally added to the ring with the additional title defence inscribed also.

The former heavyweight champion and current light heavyweight champion Norman ‘Chef’ Wessels became the second athlete to be awarded two EFC rings late last year when he defeated Gideon ‘Juggernaut’ Drotschie in Cape Town. As a show of gratitude, Wessels honoured FFM head coach Quan for all the work and success he has brought their team by giving him his gold light heavyweight ring. Throughout EFC history, Quan has coached his team to an unparalleled seven championship rings and fourteen diamonds.

At EFC 39 in Cape Town next month Gideon Drotschie and Tumelo Maphutha go head-to-head for the number one spot and the right to challenge Wessels for the light heavyweight title. Will the dominant FFM team once again collect another diamond or will the winner between Maphutha and Drotschie bring an end to the team’s numerous successes.

EFC 39: Groenewald vs. van Zyl is presented by, and takes place at Grand West, Cape Town, on Thursday 7 May 2015. Tickets on sale at