Combat Press learns about Allen’s drive to improve

Durban, South Africa – Combat Press spoke with featherweight champion Boyd Allen about his winning his title and his journey so far in the world of mixed martial arts.

Written by Neil Rooke, following is a short exert from the article on Allen’s journey to being and staying a champion published this week, see the full article here: efcww.com/1IrDYuo 

‘There is no doubt in anybody’s mind that Allen is the best featherweight in all of Africa. However, like any professional athlete that strives for greatness, Allen just wants to continue getting better. Being seen as the best of the best doesn’t change a thing.

“I feel honoured,” Allen admitted to Combat Press. “And I know that I need to keep improving as an athlete day in and day out. I haven’t stopped training and I’m constantly trying to add tools to my game and better the basics.”’

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