Featherweight champion Boyd Allen explains ahead of Friday’s weigh-in at the Durban ICC

Johannesburg (South Africa) – Before any epic EFC event, fighters have to weigh-in 24 hours before they compete. Every athlete has their own unique way of making weight, below featherweight Boyd Allen runs fans through how he does it so successfully.

“For me at least the most important aspect of weigh cutting is staying as functional as possible while doing so, i.e. brain function and muscle function.

I do this by gradually dieting down to my weight over a period of time.

I diet down right up to the last week still adding in complex carbs to my diet, salt and sugar.

I stay away from red meats as they are not as easy to digest as white meats. The carbs assist in the digestion of your meals so it is good to have some carbs.

Without giving away to many secrets, when the final week of dieting starts before the weigh ins, I prefer to cut out most carbs and stick to one or two very clean carbs.

I cut out most salts but still maintain a high level of magnesium and potassium through supplementation.

Depending on circumstances I may or may not water-load. If I do I gradually increase my water intake two weeks out. Till five days before weigh ins where I will increase my intake to ten litres, then eight litres, then five litres, then two litres and then 1 litre. But this can change depending on the weight and size of a person. This specific formula works for me.

You will drop water by tricking your body into releasing water thus getting you closer to your required weight, which should not be more than five kgs anyway.

The more weight you drop the bigger the effect it can have on your system. Over time this will catch up with you. The last bit of weight you may need to shed can be done in the sauna, steam room or salt bath or even just a light jog or cycle.

The best way to make weight is by not having to cut any if you can help it, by a clean diet and good training program. Cutting weight is a science and if done right, you will feel great but if done wrong, it can affect your body negatively in more ways than one.

Make sure to rehydrate slowly after a weight cut and eat clean.”

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