A picture is worth a thousand words

Durban, South Africa – Following EFC 38 in Durban, eNCA released an intriguing article on the event. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and journalist Simon Stephens certainly illustrates this.

Below is a short exert from the article on eNCA, you can read the full article here: 

“Take a look at the above picture of Boyd Allen’s imperious victory over hometown challenger Wesley Hawkey. What do you see? The left hand in guard backing-up the straight right perhaps. Or the torque generated from the hips measured by the pain in Hawkey’s face. Even the mess of a defence being offered by the Durbanite who despatched notables such as Gareth Buirski, Hanru Botha and Brendon Katz on his pathway to Allen’s waist wear.

I see context, the culmination of a variety of factors that resulted in that freeze-frame in a specific time and place. I see attitude, training, footwork, head movement and approach angles. Such simple and flawless technique speaks a thousand words, which is just as well because the featherweight champ is a man of few words. Sometimes he comes across as simple, other times too chilled to bother but perhaps a mixture of the two – Boyd Allen is economical with his language. But his ruthless despatching of Hawkey at the ICC on Saturday was perhaps the most eloquent and fluent display of combat in the history of EFC.”