Cape Town, South Africa – Many athletes perform big weight cuts for the official weigh-in before and event. This includes dehydrating their bodies in order to shed the final few grams to make their respective eight categories. Rehydrating is a vital step in proper recovery, in order to perform at an elite level the next day.

Yesterday, Irshaad ‘White Tiger’ Sayed and Oumpie ‘Lion Heart’ Sebeko faced-off for the first time at the official EFC 39 weigh-in. They will meet in the Hexagon tonight for a highly anticipated grudge match. Bantamweight Sayed runs us through how he rehydrates for peak performance.

1) Rehydrate fully before eating.
2) Sip water slowing after weighing-in, your body can only absorb one liter per hour.
3) Avoid fats, as this inhibits carbohydrates absorption.
4) Don’t eat or drink anything foreign to your body after weigh-in.
5) Eat complex carbs to avoid sugar spikes.

Sayed ended the interview stating, “He and his coach disrespected me and I’m going to smash him!”

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