Danie van Heerden steps in as late replacement to face Knife Didier in Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa – On 7 November EFC returns to sunny Cape Town for a battle of light heavyweights to determine the next contender to face reigning champion Norman ‘Chef’ Wessels.

Headlining the massive event sees the former champion Gideon ‘Juggernaut’ Drotschie take on DRC’s powerhouse Champion Dalcha. Both men have only ever lost to one man, Wessels. Drotschie is in hot pursuit of a rematch to avenge his controversial loss and is only one step away from his goals, but standing in his way is Dalcha, with a new team behind him, built specifically for the former contender. Also the race for the much desired light heavyweight contendership sees former heavyweight champ Ruan ‘Fangzz’ Potts make his divisional debut against the hardest hitter in the organization, Tumelo ‘The Truck’ Maphutha. Plus former heavyweight champion Brendon Groenewald faces the Polish giant Tomasz ‘Kredka’ Kowalkowski.

The countdown to EFC 45 begins tonight! Find out what is motivating these exceptional athletes to climb to the top of their divisions and what drives them to the top.

This massive event features 8 more exciting bouts including three of England’s best in Yannick ‘Black Mamba’ Bahati, Joe ‘Silk’ Cummins and Kirsty Davis as they take on Michiel Opperman, Bruno ‘Major’ Mukulu and Kirsty Davis.

Don’t miss the Countdown to EFC 45 premiering tonight!

SuperSport broadcast details:

Date                                     Channel                        Time
26 Oct 2015                     SS 7 (207)                 19:30
28 Oct 2015                     SS 7 (207)                  10:00
29 Oct 2015                     SS9 (209)                 12:10
30 Oct 2015                     SELCT (210)             14:30
31 Oct 2015                     SS8 (208)                    20:00

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The full Countdown show will be available online on tomorrow.

EFC 45: Drotschie vs. Dalcha, presented by, and takes place at GrandWest, Cape Town, on Saturday 07 November 2015. Tickets available at