Cian Erraught becomes latest signing to EFC

Cape Town, South Africa – The EFC 48 Media Day took place this past Saturday at GrandWest in Cape Town ahead of the massive two title fight event this Friday. Athletes took centre stage as they answered questions from the media and then faced-off with their opponents. Fans were the true winners on the day with ticket and merchandise give-aways.

In between interviews and face-off fans got to show off their passion and support by taking their own creative face-off pics which gave them the chance to win tickets to Friday’s event.

Heavyweights Brendon Groenewald and Danie ‘The Pitbull’ van Heerden began as their usual light hearted selves, but when it came time to stand face-to-face, the atmosphere changed to a more serious tone and their future intentions could be felt.

“He has never faced a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu purist such as myself.” – Brendon Groenewald

Brendon doesn’t have the speed or power to make me tap.” – Danie van Heerden

Preceding the heavyweights, Cape Town favourite Irshaad ‘White Tiger’ Sayed and Cedric ‘The Dominator’ Doyle took the crowds focus. The tension between the two top contenders was palpable and was visible when the two athletes took to the mic.

“I am going to wrap him up and send him to the flyweight division.” – Cedric Doyle

“As long as I’m moving and cutting my angles, he is not going to touch me.” – Irshaad Sayed

Several other athletes were in attendance, such as main card fighters Don Magic Man’ Madge, Kaleka ‘Block’ Kabanda, Sibusiso Mdoko as well as prelim card athletes such as Bruno ‘Major’ Mukulu, Gorilla Osokko, Francois Groenewald, Boney Bukaka, Mark Kamba and Sylvester Chipfumbu.

Watch out for full interviews from the day coming soon.

EFC 48: Groenewald vs. van Heerden, Sayed vs. Doyle is presented by, takes place Friday 22 April 2016 at GrandWest, Cape Town. Watch the main card live on and delayed live on Tickets available at