Under observation, to be released on Friday

Johannesburg, South Africa – EFC bantamweight contender Cedric ‘The Dominator’ Doyle was admitted to hospital on Friday 29 April. Following medical tests and observations it was decided by specialists that he would require an operation.

Doyle underwent surgery yesterday to alleviate pressure in his cranium and the operation has been deemed a success. Doyle is now under observation and recovering in hospital to be released in the next few days.

EFC matchmaker Graeme Cartmell visited Doyle and his wife in hospital shortly after the operation and released the following statement via his official twitter account @EFCGrame:

“Just saw @DominatorDoyle & his awesome wife Ilse, The surgery went well! He’ll be back home in 2 days! CHAMP!”

The EFC team wishes Cedric a speedy recovery.