Touré’s corner fined and put on probation for three events

Johannesburg, South Africa – One of the talking points that arose from the past EFC 53 event at Carnival City was the post-fight behavior of Mamoudou Toure’s corner in his fight against Tumisang Madiba. After much review, MMA SA PRO has decided to fine the corner involved and put them under a probation for three events.

Shortly after submitting Toure, Madiba taunted Toure’s corner and climbed the fence to perform his traditional post-fight backflip into the Hexagon. At this point, Toure’s corner and EFC athlete Norman Wessels pushed Madiba from the top of the fence. Also seen in the video is Chad Hanekom climbing the fence to follow Wessels and confront Madiba.

While both parties have waived off the incident as ‘caught in the heat of the moment’ and have apologised to each other, the behaviour is considered unacceptable due to the risk put on athletes’ health and safety.

Subsequently, the sanctioning body MMA SA PRO has handed a financial penalty to Toure’s corner as well as probation sentence lasting the next three EFC events.

You can watch a video of the incident here: