Stuart Austin releases comment on referee Ferdie Basson’s explanation

Johannesburg, South Africa – Referee Ferdinand Basson released a statement explaining his EFC 65 main event call, which resulted in the bout between Champion Dalcha and Stuart Austin ending via TKO. Austin, whom many believe was unfairly defeated, took to social media to formally respond to the referee’s explanation. Read his comment here:

“Having seen an explanation given by the referee here is my rebuttal. Would not have publicly posted this otherwise, however I feel like circumstances have forced me to.

I was landing significant punches from mount with 45 seconds left in the round (I have a recording of the fight), I threw at least 70-80 punches. Whether they all hit cleanly does not necessarily matter, as my opponents only defense was to hold his arms outstretched and then simply shelling up without movement, this does not demonstrate intelligent defense in any way. No good MMA coach in the world will suggest that ineffectual outstretching of the arms and/or shelling up is a useful defense to mounted ground and pound (as can be seen obviously in my fight, I landed multiple double digits combinations of punches).

Also, the idea that throwing feeble punches back against an opponent that has mounted you is INTELLIGENT defense shows a distinct lack of knowledge of the sport. It should be noted that at one point I actually had my mount with one shin across one of his arms, rendering him helpless and it was only Dalcha’s extreme toughness that prevented me from rendering him completely unconscious.

It should be noted that during this entire time Dalcha was unwilling or unable to even attempt improve his position in any noticeable way.

As far as I have always been aware in the unified rules the time in the round is not supposed to affect a referee’s decision as to whether to stop a fight or not.

In contrast to this, while I was taking damage from Dalcha (at a far lower volume per minute) I was able to go from mount to recover quarter than half guard immediately; next I was attempting on multiple occasions (with mixed success) to hip escape and establish an underhook; and I eventually was able to use a knee shield (z guard) to create space, as I made this space the fight was stopped. At no point, did I go full fetal. I was using different methods of escape and guard retention. I DID IMPROVE MY POSITION, WATCH THE VIDEO.

Also, why does it matter what I said after the fight? You do not use what is said after the fight to judge whether the fight should continue or not. My arms were tired because on at least 3-4 occasions I heard the referee warn Dalcha to actively defend/improve his position and this in term made me intensify my own attack.

I was definitely not given the same amount of leeway to survive that Dalcha was.”