EFC events and ‘The Fighter’ continue trend across the globe

Johannesburg, South Africa – The viewer ratings for EFC 65 and the reality TV show TF1 – The Fighter are in and they continue to place EFC programming amongst the most popular on Sub-saharan television and across the globe.

Over 1.6 million fans watched EFC 65 live on SABC 3 in South Africa and tens of millions more around the world with Kwesé Sports and EFC’s other international broadcast partners.

Now over 19.9 million unique viewers have watched EFC on SABC 3 since February this year. These stats are just the South African audience watching on SABC 3, there are many millions more watching EFC on Kwesé Sports across Africa and numerous other TV networks globally.

TF1 has been drawing a massive TV audience on SABC 3. The audience numbers have been growing every week as the show develops. Below are the ratings received for the first 3 episodes.

Episode 1 – over 1.4 million unique viewers
Episode 2 – over 1.5 million unique viewers
Episode 3 – over 2.2 million unique viewers!

* Above numbers refer to SABC 3 in South Africa only and do not include those on other broadcasters.

The growing interest in EFC is testament to the quality of the promotion, the skill and tenacity of its athletes, and the passion of its fans both at home and across the globe.

“We are reaching millions of fans weekly and constantly gaining new ones. These massive viewership numbers boost our athletes, all associated brands and the organisation as a whole,” said EFC president Cairo Howarth. “Thank you to all! We can’t wait for the TF1 Finale and Pena vs Sayed rematch on 16 December where we are expecting a record high.”

Statistics are provided by Nielson Sport.