Johannesburg, South Africa – A monumental year ahead requires an intense surge of energy. To help keep up the pace in the EFC Hexagon and to give fans and athletes that needed boost, Dragon Energy Drink has signed on as the official energy drink partner of EFC.

The partnership kicks-off timeously at the first event of the year. Dragon Energy makes its Hexagon debut at EFC 67, headlined by the highly anticipated title bout between Igeu Kabesa and Boyd Allen and co-headlined by the vacant EFC women’s strawweight championship bout between Danella Eliasov and Italy’s Chiara Penco.

“We are delighted with the new partnership with Dragon Energy,” stated Cairo Howarth, EFC President. “Much like EFC, Dragon Energy is a market leader and with this partnership, both brands are sure to have a record 2018.”

The partnership will span all EFC events and all other EFC content produced in 2018. EFC content is broadcast on television in over 120 countries around the world, and Dragon Energy Drink is set to feature prominently across all platforms, plus has exclusive pouring rights at all EFC live event arenas, pride of place in the Hexagon, and will be showcased at the beginning of every round of every bout, promoting the brand and its messaging to a passionate and engaged fan base.

“Dragon Energy is proud to be a part of EFC, as we believe EFC shares the same core values as Dragon Energy providing its customers with a quality product,” stated Steven Fernandes, Marketing Manager. “We also believe that with this partnership EFC will help Dragon Energy reach out to a new market. We look forward to an exciting year ahead.”

The Dragon Energy team and EFC are working closely to ensure that the opportunity and partnership is maximised. As EFC produces all its TV and video content in-house, the Dragon Energy messaging and branding will be integrated throughout the content, live events and online platforms, delivering Dragon Energy maximum value.

With EFC attracting over 21 million TV viewers in South Africa last year making it the most watched sport property in South Africa, second only to football, this partnership sets up EFC and Dragon Energy for an exceptional 2018.

About Dragon Energy

  • Dragon Energy is a product of Kingsley Beverages, Kingsley Beverages is an international company with regional headquarters in Dubai, Johannesburg and London. Kingsley produces, markets, sells and distributes its own range of beverage brands and products across Africa, the Middle East and Europe.
  • The company was founded in 2007 in South Africa with the aim of giving our customers a new choice in premium quality soft drinks and alternative beverages at an affordable price. Since the onset, the company has grown rapidly to now offer an extensive range of quality products including Carbonated Soft Drinks, Fruit Juices, Energy Drinks, Sports Drinks, Ice Tea and Bottled Water.
  • It is Kingsley’s mission to continually satisfy our customers with superior quality, great tasting and refreshing beverages.