Recovery on track post-surgery

Cape Town, South Africa – EFC star, Sibusiso Mdoko is on the road to recovery after being shockingly attacked on 02 September. Mdoko has undergone a successful surgery yesterday and has been discharged this morning.


Last week, Mdoku was attacked by multiple assailants, sustaining severe injuries. Mdoku was transported to hospital where Constantia Insurance Group, official partner to the EFC organisation, assisted with Mdoku’s medical costs.


“Hey everyone I have been in pain for couple of days and stressing about my future,” Mdoko recently wrote on Facebook. “But, believe me. I’m still alive and will be back strong in action soon. I would like to thank Team EFC and Constantia Insurance for taking care of me, even though my incident happened outside of the sport. “They help me a lot and still want to see me 100% fit.


Mdoko continued, “And to Anthony, family, friends, gym members and everyone that knows me, thanks for going deep to your pocket for me. Much love and ‘The Monster’ will return the favour. And everyone shared and commented on my story I’m strong because of you. God is great.


Mdoko had a tendon in his right hand severed and required surgery to make a full recovery. The surgery went well, and he has been discharged and on his way home.


Further details on Mdoko’s condition will be released when they are available.


Mdoko recently qualified as an electrician, and is currently working in an intern capacity to gain experience. His injuries have stalled both those aspirations and his continuing career as an athlete.


Friends have created a BackABuddy campaign, where those that would like to assist can make a contribution toward helping Sibusiso as he recovers. To assist Mdoko with any small amount, please click here.