TF2 filming has begun!

Johannesburg, South Africa – Filming for the second season of the anticipated mixed martial arts reality TV series, The Fighter, has begun, and EFC’s chief partner returns for round 2. Constantia Insurance, the company that provides world-leading, comprehensive medical and disability insurance for EFC athletes; again takes the title role.


“It is with great pride that we are partnering with Constantia Insurance for TF2,” said EFC President Cairo Howarth. “Constantia Insurance adds so much value to EFC athletes and the entire organisation, putting athlete health in the forefront, and this partnership takes our association to new heights. We are looking forward to exciting months ahead.”


The Fighter season 2 (TF2) pits 10 of the best female flyweight MMA prospects in the world against each other. Sequestered in a penthouse at The Capital in Rosebank, Johannesburg, there they will live together, train together, and compete against each other for the ultimate prize: a six-figure contract and a guaranteed shot at the EFC women’s flyweight title.


At every moment, a battery of cameras will film their every move, the drama of which will be beamed around the world in a season of 10 episodes.


EFC superstars Garreth McLellan (former EFC champion and UFC middleweight) and Brendan Lesar (TF1 winner) will clash, as they take the reins as rival coaches in the series. Over the 10 episodes they will prepare their hand-picked teams to compete against each other in a series of elimination fights, and ultimately face each other in the grand finale with the interim EFC middleweight title on the line.


The Constantia Insurance colours of orange and blue have been chosen as the official team colours for the series, with Team Soldierboy claiming the orange kit and Team Lesar the blue.


Contestants began arriving last Friday evening to start acclimatising and complete final medicals and media obligations, where as always, Constantia Insurance has the athletes and coaches fully covered, from medical insurance right through to insuring the team vehicles, as they train and fight beyond their limits in their quest for EFC gold.


TF2 debuts on global TV on Friday 1 March, with a new hour-long episode released each week thereafter. The series builds to the live grand finale on 4 May, taking place at the home of African MMA, Carnival City.


In addition to Constantia Insurance, TF2 has proudly partnered with several leading brands: Restonic Mattresses, EasyEquities, RDG Rex Diff and Gearbox, The Capital Hotels and Apartments, Dragon Energy Drink, Auto Excellence, AquaVita Water and Sun International.


These brands are all integral in the production of the series, giving them promotion to tens of millions of viewers globally on TV.


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About TF2 – The Fighter

‘The Fighter’ is a ten-part reality TV series, presented by Constantia Insurance, featuring top female flyweight prospects from around the world in a quest that ends with a six-figure prize contract and a guaranteed shot at EFC gold. Not only the massive prize, but the opportunity to be coached and mentored by two of EFC’s best athletes.


Coached by former EFC champ and former UFC middleweight, Garreth ‘Soldierboy’ McLellan, and undefeated TF1 winner, Brendan ‘Descendent’ Lesar, the ten athletes are split into two teams, Team Soldierboy and Team Lesar. The two finalist and the two coaches will face each other at the grand finale on 4 May to be broadcast live on TV around the world.


Following the massive success of MMA reality programmes globally, The Fighter is the first show of its kind produced in Africa, as well as the first to be broadcast to African audiences on free-to-air TV networks.


The Constantia Insurance colours of orange and blue have been chosen as the official team colours for the series, with Team Soldierboy claiming the orange kit and Team Lesar the blue.