“It is all about quality”

Johannesburg, South Africa – In another first, EFC has cemented a partnership with leading CBD oil brand, IrieCBD.


IrieCBD is a socially conscious company, and believes in the power of doing good. It is one of the leading CBD oil brands in the world, and is now available in South Africa.


This partnership with IrieCBD is a first of its kind, and continues a monumental year of growth for EFC. CBD has a multitude of health benefits, from assisting with sleep, to recovery after a hard training session or game. IrieCBD oil has been used by top athletes around the world, including EFC 80 headliner Garreth ‘Soldierboy’ McLellan.


“The massive interest and uptake in use of CBD globally is amazing, and we are excited to be working with IrieCBD, a world-leading brand and product,” stated EFC President Cairo Howarth. “EFC athletes and fans now have the opportunity to get benefits of using the best quality CBD oil.”


The partnership kicks off ahead of the biggest event on the EFC 2019 calendar: EFC 80, Soldierboy vs Lesar #TF2 Finale. IrieCBD oil will be available for purchase at EFC GYMs plus EFC events.


“This partnership is really exciting for us. It is all about seeing, doing and believing,” says Chief Irie Officer (CEO), Kevin Pearman. “By partnering with this leading MMA powerhouse enables us to reach the masses in this new and fast growing industry,” continued Pearman. “It will allow us a platform to educate people to understand the benefits of natural healing, especially in the fitness arena. This partnership is one of quality.”