A new look for a new fight against a lethal enemy

Johannesburg, South Africa – How does a Mixed Martial Arts organisation effectively help fight a global pandemic? It harnesses its power of TV reach, its social media and influence, it galvanizes its athlete roster and it finds creative ways to spread a message of ‘FIGHT’. 


Health and safety have long been a priority for EFC and have helped set the standards for the industry, especially in Africa.


“This is an incredibly trying time for us all,” stated EFC VP talent, Graeme Cartmell. “But we have the responsibility to proverbially come together and spread a message that will help educate the world on good hygiene practices and social distancing.”

EFC is in a unique position where events and content are broadcast on TV across the globe, and specifically to over 40 countries across Africa. EFC management feel it is prudent and socially responsible to use our various platforms and vast reach to help promote good hygiene practices and social distancing where possible. This initiative sees the launch of a temporary new look for EFC: Effectively Fighting Covid-19.


EFC are changing the meaning of our long-standing name from EFC: Extreme Fighting Championship, to the new acronym which will become an affirmation of solidarity for many, EFC: Effectively Fighting Covid-19


EFC are assisting the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) in its task of keeping the African people safe by producing and distributing messaging which encourages all Africans work with government, to follow correct health and safety protocols, and unite and work together against the Covid-19 pandemic.


EFC are changing roles of our team to include a medical arm dedicated to FIGHTING this pandemic through studying effective prevention for athletes, intent on competing, as well as their trainers and cornermen who are vital to their success.


EFC are planning events far removed from the typical formats, to commence as soon as permitted by the South African government and deemed safe to do so. 

The events will be private, with no live audience, fight cards will be reduced to 8 bouts to keep numbers lower. Production teams will be kept to a minimum, while medical officials will be on high alert, keeping track of athletes and staff’s vitals, hygiene practices and limited physical contact outside the Hexagon, added to EFC’s usual stringent health and safety protocols.

The EFC Performance Institute has been closed since the commencement of lockdown on 26 March 2020. The facility is regularly disinfected and will continue to follow these and further stringent cleaning measures by our official EFC Hygiene Partner, ACS – Africa Cleaning Services. 


EFC are already producing two new shows for broadcast on television: 

JOURNEY TO THE BELT, where EFC catches up with reigning champions as they give health and training tips for during lockdown, and an in depth look at some of the behind-the-scenes that lead them to the title. 

Plus, a new BEST OF series that focuses on current and former champions biggest and most explosive fights in the EFC Hexagon. Added to these, EFC are posting daily content in their TAKE US BACK series, reliving some of the most memorable FIGHTS from the past decade of Hexagon action. 


EFC are working on meaningful ways our 200 strong athlete roster can motivate and inspire fans in their mental FIGHT against the confinement and limitations that are so necessary yet, so hard to deal with. 

Over the last 10 years, it has been a dedicated passion for EFC to develop practices that ensure safety for our athletes, and we are employing the same focus on the FIGHT against this deadly virus, and the fight to keep our fans safe, motivated and satisfied during these unprecedented times.

The EFC: Effectively Fighting Covid-19 campaign is set to include educational videos from EFC personalities and athletes on various topics pertaining to Covid-19, which will feature on our Instagram and Facebook pages.