Johannesburg, South Africa ‚Äď Earlier this year it was announced that EFC was making a groundbreaking change to the ownership structure of the business. For the first time in history EFC made it possible for its athletes, supporters and investors to own equity in the organisation.

Following is a brief update from EFC President Cairo Howarth regarding EFC and the EFC invested opportunity:

Dear EFC invested stakeholders and interested parties,

We are pleased to inform you that a commercial deal with BLK, a leader in contact sport apparel, has recently been signed, and the design and production of a new range of EFC / BLK apparel is in the pipeline. Expect to see the apparel range in stores soon.

The recent launch of the EFCWORLDWIDE.TV streaming platform, which allows viewers to watch EFC from anywhere in the world, has been a success. We are expecting good growth in online viewers and revenue from the platform. It is a mix of subscription and pay-per-view. Paying subscribers (subscription from $39.99 a year) will have access to the full EFC video archive and also have access to prelim bouts live. Live broadcasts of main card bouts are available on a pay-per-view basis. It is anticipated that the full archive of over 1,000 EFC bouts will be uploaded to the platform by the end of September.

It is exciting to see the progress that the former EFC champs are making around the world. Dricus du Plessis just made a huge¬†statement in the UFC, and we can‚Äôt wait to see what the future holds for more of our athletes. We are really looking forward to the¬†upcoming EFC 88 event where a new EFC heavyweight champion will be crowned. Three EFC heavyweights before them have made¬†their way up the ranks, conquered the division to become champion, and gone on to fight in the UFC. With the MMA world’s sights¬†firmly set on the talent rich African continent, and with EFC‚Äôs international TV broadcast reach bigger than ever before, on 14 August¬†the world will see who gets to the top next!

Although the COVID situation brings its difficulties, restricts live attendance and restricts certain income streams for EFC, we are managing to work through the situation and are continuing to produce live shows, and as restrictions ease up the future looks better and better.

As a thanks to current investors and as a thanks to future EFC investors for contributions to EFC and African MMA, which have come at a crucial time for the organisation, an exclusive EFC Invested package has been put together and will be provided, for a limited time to EFC Invested shareholders as follows:

EFC Invested cap Р1 x cap issued to each investor

Access to the EFCWORLDWIDE.TV platform Р1 years access issued to each investor

EFC Invested golf shirt Р1 x shirt issued to investors who purchase/own 10 shares or more

VIP tickets to an upcoming EFC event Р2 x VIP tickets allocated for every 10 shares purchased/owned (by an individual shareholder)

VIP table at an upcoming EFC event Р1 x VIP table allocated for every 50 shares purchased/owned (by an individual shareholder)

Thank you to all investors for the continued support, we are looking forward to seeing you at a live EFC event soon!

More info about the EFC Invested opportunity can be found here: http://www.efcworldwide.com/invest-in-efc/

Interested investors are encouraged to contact EFC at invested@efcworldwide.com for more information.