EFC makes history with over 1 billion minutes watched on Facebook in just over 5 months!

An average of 200 million minutes of African MMA was watched every month this year! To put that in perspective, if those minutes were played out on one timeline, it would take over 380 years to watch and that is just the minutes of EFC content viewed on Facebook in one month – EFC hit that time viewed consistently for the first 5 months this year.
In this short period, EFC reached over 367 million unique people on Facebook, with a massive engagement of over 120 million. This is a vast and very engaged audience.
Plus all these Facebook views are 100% organic – 0% are paid.
There is no other sport or entertainment property on the African continent with such a huge viewership on Facebook. EFC is unique and historic.
This is in addition to the comprehensive TV promotion with EFC’s various TV networks. For example, there was approximately 220 hours of EFC content on SuperSport in May, an average of over 7 hours of SuperSport airtime every day. Plus multiple hours broadcast on SABC, Canal+, and numerous other TV networks across Africa and globally.
“This is the biggest audience in history watching EFC and African MMA, and is unparalleled promotion for EFC athletes,” stated EFC President Cairo Howarth. “All this video content has our partner branding integrated, delivering an absolutely massive amount of value to EFC partners – with people engaging with their brands for billions of minutes a year.” 
– EFC President Cairo Howarth
We are looking forward to more exciting growth over the coming months – on track to hit over 2 billion minutes viewed on Facebook in 2022 and much more!