Johannesburg, South Africa – EFC is proud to announce a major new partnership with Ignite, the world-famous premium lifestyle brand founded by social media entrepreneur Dan Bilzerian. A leading innovator in the global vaping industry, Ignite has revolutionised the South African lifestyle market by establishing itself as the premium vaping brand with cutting edge technology combined with unprecedented quality ingredients. By aligning with EFC, the most-watched sport and entertainment entity in Africa, Ignite introduces its 65 million social media followers to the most powerful digital marketing reach on the continent, a combination that brings together two incredible teams into one truly awe-inspiring partnership. 

Ethan Hughes, VP of Business Development, Ignite – “Dan has built an incredible microphone straight to his fans, together we’ve been able to build a powerful relationship with our consumers worldwide and we can’t wait to go on this journey with the EFC and our fans ”

Cairo Howarth, EFC President – “Ignite is a world-leader in the lifestyle market and this partnership speaks volumes about how far EFC has come by introducing such an international innovator to the growing African market.” 

The continent can also anticipate the arrival of Ignite’s premium Tequila and Vodka which has disrupted and dazzled the global distilled spirits market and now paves the way for significant investment into African economies and now, on the eve of EFC’s milestone 100th event after 13 years of the best combat action streaming around the world, this announcement paves the way for a new era for both companies. An era of groundbreaking digital marketing behind a peerless product enjoyed by an audience who expect excellence and quality at every single interaction. With EFC and Ignite, the game is about to change. Fight with Ignite!

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EFC 100, featuring two title fights, is presented by World Sports Betting and takes place on Thursday, 01 December 2022 live from the EFC Performance Institute in JHB, South Africa. 

Broadcast information at www.efcworldwide.com