Johannesburg, South Africa – Middleweight title contender Pupanga Tresor has declined the replacement opponent Ziko Makengele to contest the interim middleweight title which was to headline the historic EFC 100 card on the 1st of December. 

After the 185lb champion, Luke Michael tore his ACL in fight camp which shelved his title defence in a rematch with Tresor whom he controversially beat for the title at EFC 92, the search by EFC for a worthy opponent to face Tresor for the interim belt began. After offering the bout to a variety of middleweights including JP Kruger, Jaco du Plessis, Mark Hulme and Jose da Rocha amongst others, all of whom turned-down the offer due to the limited time available in which to make the weight, it was the current welterweight champion Ziko Makengele who stepped-up and offered to face ‘Fireboy’.

After initially refusing the replacement opponent, Tresor was given 72 hours by the promotion to reconsider his decision, yet the athlete remained steadfast in his refusal after the deadline lapsed citing his original decision for taking the Luke Michael rematch being a personal one.

Since undergoing some major surgery, the champion Luke Michael however is out of action for at least six months.

EFC Matchmaker Graeme Cartmell – “When hearing that Tresor wasn’t in for the replacement, at first I was frustrated, I wanted to see him in a title fight, but I now get it, we locked this rematch almost a year ago… Tresor’s sole purpose for getting at it every day in that time was a chance to redeem his name; it’s personal. No other opponent, no matter the magnitude,  will do… he’s invested a year into Michael, and only Michael will do…”

EFC now intends to book an interim middleweight title fight early next year with JP Kruger and another top 185lb contender, the victor of which will face a fully-fit Michael in a unification bout thereafter. Tresor, who remains a valued athlete on the roster will also be involved in discussions as to future possible bouts at either middleweight or welterweight.

EFC 100 however, remains a celebration of the legacy of Africa’s greatest combat sports promotion with two incredible title fights. The electric Nicholas Hwende defends his bantamweight title against the legend, Nkazimulo Zulu while the fearsome Cole ‘The Hitman’ Henning contests the interim lightweight belt against the undefeated Tshilomba Mikixi. Alongside nine other stunning wars that complete one of the best cards in the lauded history of the EFC the event is now set, the Hexagon is let, the athletes are ready and the fans restless for an evening that will live long in the memory as a celebration not just of past glories, but that of an illustrious future, as EFC 100 on the 1st of December goes down in the history books of world sport. 


EFC 100 Hwende vs Zulu, featuring two title fights, is presented by World Sports Betting and takes place on Thursday, 01 December 2022 live from the EFC Performance Institute in JHB, South Africa. 

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