EFC analytics reach the billions in 2022

Johannesburg, South Africa – In 2022 EFC blew through all African online records and its own previous Facebook engagement, reach and video view statistics – by literally reaching into the billions! EFC’s unique history in African sport and entertainment has proven yet again, there is nothing else on the continent even remotely close to EFC in terms of Facebook audience.

To put that in perspective, if those minutes were played out on one timeline, it would take over 3,234 years to watch. In addition to the unprecedented multi-platform social media audience, EFC and its partners continue to enjoy a massive reach across multiple television networks throughout Africa and beyond, garnering a footprint unlike any other entertainment entity on the continent. This incredible African business success story is now looking to build further upon that growth and in 2023, to continue to grow the sport in Africa, develop and provide opportunities to athletes, and engage with more fans globally than ever before.

EFC President Cairo Howarth – “These astounding figures tell a story we’ve known for some time about our value chain. The record-breaking platform we place our athletes on, the exposure we’re able to provide to our loyal partners and the quality content consumed by the best fans in the world. No other sporting entity on the continent is able to provide that kind of value and in that regard, 2023 is already shaping-up to be our best year yet!”


EFC 101, Mouneimne vs Ardelean for the Women’s Strawweight Championship, is presented by World Sports Betting and takes place on Thursday, 02 March 2023 live from the EFC Performance Institute in JHB, South Africa. 

Broadcast and ticket information at www.efcworldwide.com