Will ‘The Elephant’ fear ‘The Mouse’ as two fleet-footed flyweights have put pen to paper in what will surely be a hugely entertaining main-card throwdown between two powerful strikers, Mickey ‘The Mouse’ Cloete and Vincent ‘The Elephant’ Nakana. Coming off a performance of devastating violence that forced his opponents retirement at EFC 102, Mamelodi Warrior’s ever-improving Nakana continues to add technical arrows to his quiver to complement his infamous durability and concrete chin. Both attributes which will undoubtedly be tested by the well-rounded Cloete who has yet to go to a decision with two top-drawer finishes this year alone, one by submission and the other by TKO. With both fighters riding momentums of victory and abilities that can finish a bout in the blink of an eyelid, EFC fans should brace themselves for something truly special on a card that is filling-up fast with many fight of the year candidates!