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15 December 2017


Johannesburg, South Africa - A running theme every week on MMA reality TV show, TF1, was the teams predicting the results of the fights on the show. Every week, BetXchange provided odds on the fights and the teams placed ‘bets’. The winnings were pooled up to later be donated to team selected charities; Fight with Insight and Little Fighters Cancer Trust. Recently the cheque’s were handed over by TF1 finalist Brendan Lesar for Team Sayed and EFC bantamweight champion Demarte Pena for Team Pena.

Team Sayed selected Fight with Insight as their charity. They accumulated and donated a total R21,100.00. 

Fight with Insight was established in the city with the vision of creating a safe place for the children of Johannesburg, using boxing to teach them life skills that assist them in taking responsibility for claiming their rights.

Boxing is used as a method to teach children the skills to claim their rights and be champions for life. This is achieved by empowering children to respect themselves and others through the 4 main principles of the programme: 1) First impressions 2) Consequence to action 3) Compassion and 4) Moving forward positively. Such principles are integrated into the boxing and life skills components of the weekly sessions.

You can find out more about and support Fight with Insight via their Facebook page:

“It really is an honour to help these guys out,” stated Lesar. He continued, “They have been so dedicated with what they do here, and keeping themselves out of trouble. Luke is doing a good job with the guys and they are getting great tutelage out of him. I feel that Fight with Insight is doing a good job and big ups to them.”

Team Pena selected Little Fighters Cancer Trust as their charity. They accumulated and donated a total R24,800.00.

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust was conceptualized in 2009 when Tania Goslett and Thomas Engela became personally, but indirectly, affected by childhood cancer.

Within a span of two months, two children from two different families within their personal circle of friends, were diagnosed with cancer.

Offering as much assistance as they could in their private capacity, it was soon clear that there are many families affected by childhood cancer and many needs which are not being addressed by the existing systems.

The assistance to children with cancer is not only extended via the family unit, but they also offer support to children with cancer and parents in pediatric oncology hospital wards, as well as places of safety which houses children with cancer.

You can find out more about and support Little Fighers Cancer Trust via their website:

“As fighters we get to choose to fight as a career we are passionate about, but ultimately it is a choice,” stated Pena. He continued, “When it comes to the kids, they don’t choose to be sick. Having cancer is not something anyone wishes upon. Looking at the people that help others, it is an incredible gift to have.The Little Fighters Cancer Trust need the money. For those that can give a little, we are so grateful that we can do that. Thanks to BetXchange for coming through and giving the opportunity to give back.

“We are very proud at BetXchange to hand over a donation like this,” stated Warren Ho of BetXchange at the hand over. “The Fighters went through a lot to build up the amount of money they did. And we hope the charities are able to use it.”

Brendan Lesar will face Ibrahima Mané in the TF1 finale and Demarte Pena is set to defend the EFC bantamweight championship against Irshaad Sayed this Saturday at time Square in Pretoria.

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