EFC - Fighter Profile - Kirsty Davis

Kirsty Davis


Record [W L D] : 0 - 1 - 0

Submission : 0 Wins - 0 Losses
TKO/KO : 0 Wins - 1 Losses
Decision : 0 Wins - 0 Losses

Age : 38

Height : 1.63cm

Reach : 57cm

Strengths :-


From : England

Fighting out of : London, England

Gym : Titan Gym

Trainer : Mickey Papas

Skills Breakdown

EFC - Fighter Profile - Kirsty Davis
Submissions 30%
Striking 40%
Takedowns 30%

Fight History

  • Opponent
  • Event
  • Result
  • Method
  • Shana Powers
  • EFC 45
  • Loss
  • R1 TKO (Punches)

Fighter's Biography

  • Background disciplines?

    Muay Thai, Boxing & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

    When & why did you start martial arts training?

    When I was 15 years, I started doing Shotokan Karate, My dad had been doing it and he wanted me to.

    How did you transition to MMA?

    I started training in Thai boxing as Karate wasn’t full contact enough. Then I went to an MMA gym to train in Muay Thai and fell into MMA. I loved it.

    Favoured technique?

    Leg locks, they hurt.

    Who is your hero?

    Ronda Rousey, she dominates everyone in her category and doesn't give a damn what people think of her! A true champion.

  • What other interesting information can you tell us about yourself?

    I am a beauty therapist by trade which is totally at the opposite end of the spectrum to MMA. I am also a sports injury masseuse and specialist.

    What does it mean for you to fight in EFC?

    It is a great opportunity to fight on the EFC. I have never fought abroad before and I am super excited to visit South Africa and represent England in the flyweight division. It is tough to get decent match ups for female fighters and I have had some mismatches on weight for past fights. On a professional show like this I know everything is run properly and fair! It will be a good show to be part of. I can’t wait to get started.

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