Yebo   "Sheltyon"   Ntambwe

Fighter's record
[W L D] : 0-0-0
  • Submission : 0-0
  • TKO/KO : 0-0
  • Decision : 0-0
  • Age : 31
  • Height :
  • Reach :
  • Leg Span :
  • Stance :
  • BG Discipline :
  • Strengths :
  • From :
  • Fighting out of :
  • Gym : Springs Crew MMA
  • Trainer :
Fighter's Skills Breakdown
  • Submission : %
  • Takedowns : %
  • Striking : %

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Fighters Biography

What do you do for fight preparation?

I do my fight camp at Junkyard gym. I double all my training for superior performance.


How did you get your fight name?

Shelton was given to me by my Judo coach back home in the Congo. Later on, I found out that Shelton Benjamin is one of the best wrestlers in America. Since then, I am proud to have that as my nickname.


When did you start training martial arts?

When I came to South Africa in 2014, one of my friends told me about MMA . I joined the MMA gym House of Tinkerbell. JP Kruger has my respect as a coach. In 2017, I decided to move to Durban and joined Super Warriors gym. They helped me get into amateur fighting. After 3 fights, I moved back to Gauteng and started my own gym with a friend of mine, Siyabonga. I now thank EFC for welcoming me into their organization.


How did you transition to MMA?

My father introduced me to taekwondo. I had a purple belt after 11 years’ experience and then a Judo green belt. When I came to South Africa and got introduced to MMA, I started immediately and I haven’t done anything else since.

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Yebo   Ntambwe