Bradley     Swanepoel

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What do you do for fight prep?

I train full time and I am always in good shape throughout the year. I usually, start focusing on a fight 6-8 weeks before. I analyze my opponent and start formulating a game plan. Training will consist of the 3 main ideas i.e.: stand up, clinch and ground game. Specific fight drills and strategies are trained against opponents, focus pads/ thai pads. When a fight goes bad, scenarios are covered. A wide variety of conditioning is also implemented with combat athletic functional fitness routines. Fight simulation is trained with specific rounds and breaks. A lot is done to get their minds focused and ready with specific psychological exercises. Special attention is given to nutrition and recovery.


How did you get your fight name?

While growing up, one of my favorite fighters to watch was Diego Sanchez. The way he fought, walked out and he had the personality of a fighter. Never giving up was everything I looked up to in him.


When and why did you start training martial arts?

I started training wrestling at the age of 4. I had my 1st wrestling competition at 7 years old. I then started training MMA and had my 1st fight at 11 years old, so competing and doing martial arts is my entire life. I started this sport to protect myself, learn new things and because it’s my passion.  I am very fortunate and blessed that my dad is one of the pioneers of MMA in SA and that it is a way of life for him and that’s how he brought me and my brother up as martial artists…..a way of life.


How (and why) did you transition to MMA?                                                                 

There was no transition. We are my dad’s prodigies and have been involved in MMA since day 1. Literally, my dad always tells the story that the day we left the hospital after being born we went straight to our Martial Arts gym.

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Bradley   Swanepoel