Alessya Brookes


My hobbies are yoga and herbology. Music is everything to me (I play some guitar). Any other free time is taken up by my daughter and my dog.

Tell us about yourself and what you are up to at the moment:

I am an earthy, simple person. I have an incredible and beautiful young daughter who keeps me on my toes. During the mornings I teach remedial lessons and run a reading program from our learning support centre. In the afternoons I manage an aftercare centre for sponsored children from challenging backgrounds. Weekends are for play-dates, or taking the village kids to the beach. I love being at home. My dog, Lady, is with me everywhere I go. She loves listening to children read, fetching a ball in the ocean, and playing with her best friend, Guy- the rat. I am also a passionate and dedicated activist for the re-legalization of cannabis in South Africa.

Favorite place to party:

I really don’t enjoy partying that much. At all.

Favorite foods:

This is an impossible question to answer! I absolutely love food; there is nothing I don’t eat and enjoy. I have a very dangerous sweet tooth, too!

If you could be someone for a day, who would you be:

I would want to be Bill Gates so that I could do a very large bank transfer to Alessya Brookes.

Tunes that get you dancing:

Drum and Bass, reggae, some old school hip hop, Rage Against the Machine.

Something interesting about me:

I’m only 5″1. I’m also terribly afraid of birds and praying mantises.

Favorite fighters:

Bruno Mukulu, the du Plessis brothers, Demarte Pena, Dave Mazany, Sylvester Chipfumbu, Brendon Groenewald and most of all Francois Groenewald. I love the true athletes; professional sportsmen who conduct themselves respectfully and with humility.

A message to your EFC fans:

It’s fantastic to see this sport growing so quickly and becoming so popular. It is always such a pleasure to work at the Cape Town events. I look forward to hanging out with the fans at Grand West; to the rest of SA- see you on social media!

More about

  • Star Sign: Gemini
  • Height: 1.55 m
  • Hometown: Orapa, Botswana
  • Occupation: I work full time for a charity organization. I am also a part time model.
  • I never leave the house without: My amazing dog, Lady :)
  • Favourite TV Show: Gas Monkeys, Family Guy, American Dad, South Park, Come Dine with Me.
  • Dream Job: I would love to build and run my own little school.