Robinson Races to 2nd in Facebook Comp

Our recent Facebook voting competition saw Sean Robinson take second place, a remarkable feat considering he has yet to make his pro debut, or even his first EFC AFRICA appearance! With such excitement surrounding him (particularly from the female fans), it was only fitting that EFC AFRICA present Sean Robinson’s views on:

His very vocal female fans
I don’t know any of these ladies personally but, since joining EFC AFRICA, I have gotten to know some a little through Facebook. They are all very knowledgeable about the sport itself and appreciate all the training that goes into it. It is great for the sport to have the ladies support us, and let’s face facts; it would be a lot less colourful if there were only 6000+ men at every EFC event! Firstly, my wife is the most amazing and most stunning woman on earth and she has been my support from the start. My wife finds the attention very flattering and was the first to say it is part of the sport and being a pro athlete. To say she has been understanding would be a huge understatement! Secondly, EFC AFRICA has given its athletes a huge platform and I feel we must do whatever we can to ensure the fans get properly entertained. Without people supporting us, the sport cannot grow.

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Preparation for EFC AFRICA 08
Everything I have is from God and everything I do is for His glory, so I accept that whatever happens every day is his plan. The lead-up has been nothing short of amazing. As a fighter, there are many months of training incredibly hard and putting your body and mind through things that bring you so close to the edge every time. Throughout this, there are no lights or fans, just blood and sweat. Event time is when we get rewarded for all the hard work! It’s amazing how many people honestly want the fighters to improve and raise the bar higher and higher with each EFC, and this is why MMA is growing so fast in South Africa. I would like to thank every person for each word of encouragement via phone call, SMS and Facebook.
My preparation is going exactly according to plan. I thank God every day that my body is able to do this, and that I am injury-free that day. Some training sessions are of such a nature that you just focus on getting through each day. For us to do this, train as hard and risk as much, when there are so many people who can’t even live a normal life, or can’t even walk or are dying of cancer, makes me feel guilty whenever I even feel like complaining about a little pain or discomfort.

There have not been any challenges! I am so incredibly fortunate to have the full backing of my coach and my family and friends. My coach and manager Hardy Mileham takes care of every single detail of each day, from planning my training to sponsorships, and my wife could probably release two cook books jammed-packed with 1001 recipes on cooking chicken and broccoli!

Am I ready for the lights and the noise? The way I see it, it’s more a reward for the training than something I should stress about. I am going to enjoy every minute of the time spent out there, from walking out to getting in the cage, and use it as fuel and a reminder of how much is expected of me from EFC AFRICA and the fans.

Bodybuilding is a great sport and also requires an insane amount of discipline and dedication. Unfortunately bodybuilding isn’t growing as fast as the fans would like, but I think that it’s definitely not because of the calibre of SA athletes because there are great SA bodybuilders! The discipline, focus on recovery and the nutritional factors are things that can be pulled over to most sports. For MMA though, your weight training has to be more specific. Pure bulk is not going to help you at this level. Body building is all show, MMA is all go. Get your priorities wrong and you will get hurt.

The supplement industry
Honestly, I cannot say enough about proper supplementation use as a tool in aiding recovery. Everything is about recovery; there isn’t any supplement that can make you stronger or faster, even though lots of companies would want you to believe that! It’s easy to damage your body during training, but with that half a step you took backwards, you need to take 1 full step forward by recovering properly, otherwise you end up in the same place year after year. There is no other way for a fighter to train 4+ hours a day and recover properly without supplements. Food has a definite place in sports nutrition but, due to all the sessions each day, you need fast absorbing nutrients which are great for preserving muscle and strength when your muscles are constantly at risk of being cannibalized by your body for energy to survive during dieting. For an example involving fast absorbing nutrients, whey protein gets absorbed quicker than chicken so it’s a better choice after training, but Peptopro is absorbed even faster than why so it’s better for intra-sessions. I could go on and on about this, but it would be more than sufficient to say that the focus on proper nutrition will just become bigger and more important for athletes that want to improve. We must always look for ways to become better and learn new things, because the day we stop learning is the day we start losing.

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Life in Ballito
I grew up in Pretoria and have only been living in Ballito for the past 5 years or so due to business commitments. The town has grown incredibly in the past 3 years and basically offers everything you need from top restaurants to shopping malls to all the major chain stores. Add to that the beaches and the great weather, and you have the perfect lifestyle. Let’s face it, running on a treadmill versus on the beach boardwalk? It’s a big blessing being able to live here and raise my family. But we visit Gauteng very often and that keeps my driving skills nice and sharp!

Karate’s discipline is great for any sport. For MMA the reactive training and footwork can be used to your benefit, but it needs to be tweaked and added onto other skills. Just walking in there as a karate fighter might not work, but if you adapt your game plan a little it will.

Making a promo video (to see the video, follow this link)

It was a huge blessing to be able to make such a promo video. GCV Productions approached me and sponsored the whole thing. Making the video was lots of fun! The only thing that was difficult was trying to “look mean” at their request! I’m such a relaxed and laid-back person I had to dig deep and think of all the WWF wrestling programs I watched as a teenager for inspiration! However, when the cage door closes, I have no such problem.
I was surprised to see the amount of time and equipment necessary to produce a 1 minute clip. It took just over 2 hours of shooting to get that 1 minute. EFC AFRICA fans please realize there is an insane amount of work going into producing each event. It’s almost unfair that we the fighters get the credit but all the people that make us look good get no mention.

I would just like to thank God for giving me this opportunity and ability and EFC AFRICA for creating such an insane platform so that we can do what we love and get paid for it! Add to that the fans and how they are growing the sport, and 2011 is going to be a lot of fun!
To my wife Louise, without you I would really not be close to half the man I am today. Thank you sweetheart!

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