Champs Jakobi and Pena 100% Drug Free

Johannesburg (South Africa) – EFC AFRICA is proud to announce that its newly crowned champions, Dallas Jakobi and Demarte Pena, were tested and found to be 100% free of any performance enhancing drugs. Plus, EFC AFRICA has stepped up its anti-doping policy by announcing that from 1 September 2011 if any athlete tests positive for performance enhancing drugs, penalties in line with Drug Free Sport will come into effect.

“Strict disciplinary action will be taken on any EFC AFRICA athletes found using banned substances,” said EFC AFRICA president Cairo Howarth. “When EFC AFRICA was established we decided that we wanted to promote MMA that was professional, clean and fair. At that stage, no anti-doping policy was being enforced in African MMA, so we formulated and implemented our own. To date all EFC AFRICA champions have been tested and found to be free from illegal performance enhancers. Moving forward we are testing all EFC AFRICA athletes randomly and will take disciplinary action against offenders. We are aligning ourselves with the regulations set out by Drug Free Sport.”

Other mainstream sports get government funded anti-doping and medical assistance, whereas in the case of EFC AFRICA and African MMA, EFC AFRICA self-funds all the testing and medical screenings. Additional medical checks that are funded by EFC AFRICA for all of its athletes are CT brain scans, blood tests, concussion testing and pre-fight medical assessments. This investment puts EFC AFRICA and MMA in Africa on par with the USA Athletic State Commission regarding safety, rules and regulations