Fightstar Promoting Young MMA Talent

FightStar 4.0 this Saturday

Members of the Fighting Fit Youth Development Project with EFC AFRICA featherweight champion Demarte Pena

Johannesburg (South Africa) – This Saturday two of the Fighting Fit & EFC AFRICA Youth Development Project fighters, Cassim ‘Phantom’ Khusu and Joseph “Psycho” Phutiagae, will be competing at FightStar 4.0.

FightStar events are designed to provide a feeder platform to EFC AFRICA, allowing athletes the chance to develop their skills in a quality amateur competition environment, and to be seen by the likes of EFC AFRICA President Cairo Howarth and EFC AFRICA match maker Graeme Cartmell.

“We want to provide a space that our development youngsters can aspire to,” said Fightstar President Pietro Cignoli. “They know that if they work hard they can one day compete at FightStar, and from there, hopefully at EFC AFRICA.”

Khusu and Phutiagae are both from the Vlakfontein informal settlement. With transport money sponsored by the project they are able to travel to the World of Warriors gym in Edenvale where they receive training from EFC AFRICA star athletes the Buirski Brothers, amongst others.

Khusu is currently on a 2 win and 0 loss record, Phutiagae 1 win and 0 loss, all of their bouts having taken place at previous FightStar events.

“All profits made at FightStar events go to the Project,” said Cignoli, “and we’re very excited with what we’re able to do as the event is growing.”

The Project is currently involved in a feeding scheme in the Vlakfontein settlement as well as blanket drives. Most excitingly, they are also connecting with African athletes outside of Africa, with plans to sponsor an athlete from Botswana to train in Johannesburg for six weeks in the near future.

“It’s all about developing our MMA talent,” said Cignoli. “MMA training has a huge impact on young lives. These youngsters, wherever they’re from, get to interact with their heroes and then, when they go back home and train with their friends and communities, they become heroes in their own right. We are literally providing an alternative to the streets, and our guys are working to achieve their best.”

“We’re very proud to be associated with FightStar and the Fighting Fit Africa Youth Development Project,” said Cairo Howarth, EFC AFRICA president. “It is amazing to see the sport of MMA making such positive change in the lives of young people, and the possibility of discovering talent that may not otherwise have been seen is incredibly exciting.”

Fight Stars 4.0 and the Fighting Fit Africa Youth Development Project is proudly supported by EFC AFRICA, Lindsay Saker Edenvale, Monati Foods, The SANDF, Fighters Only Magazine, Smacktalk and the World of Warriors Gym in Edenvale. All fights are sanctioned by SASCOC and Martial Arts South Africa. Many EFC AFRICA star athletes will be in attendance as fans.

FightStar takes place at the Mandeville indoor Sports Arena, 10th Avenue and 7th Street Bez Valley, Saturday 31st August, Action starts at 6pm. Tickets are R150 each. For further info contact