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Speechly vs. Buirski, 11 December

Johannesburg (South Africa) – David Buirski will be challenging Adam Speechly for EFC welterweight title on 11 December at EFC 36. There is a lot of sacrifice that goes on behind the scenes for such a massive challenge that many do not have any clue about. Buirki’s wife wrote an insightful article on this unheard before perspective.

“As a recently married wife to an MMA fighter I have become accustomed to meeting people and receiving some of these frequently asked questions: Do you go watch? Do you get scared? Is it real? Quite simply put, yes, yes and yes! I confidently yet fearfully watch and support him and their corner does not include a make-up artist who casually adds on some blood in between rounds.

Now, I’ve never been the kind of person who gets any sort of pleasure out of watching people, as they like to say, ‘throw leather’ which is in actual fact just a nice way of saying beat the guy till he bleeds and then make him bleed more, break his will till he gives up, hyperextend his limbs till they snap, cut off his oxygen supply or merely let your fist kiss him goodnight, but, after years of exposure to it, I have grown to appreciate and love the sport for exactly what it is, an art.

David and I started dating four years ago in 2010. I had known of David for a little while prior to the start of our relationship and knew that he did Muay Thai which in my oblivious eyes constituted kicking a boxing bag till your feet and shins turn blue.”

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