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Official Water of EFC Announced

Cape Town (South Africa) – Aquavita Mineral Water, one of South Africa’s leading mineral water brands, and EFC have entered into partnership making Aquavita the official Water of EFC.

“We are very pleased to have Aquavita Mineral Water come on board as an official partner,” stated EFC President Cairo Howarth. “Aquavita is a top quality brand and product, and we look forward to it being enjoyed by all EFC fans and athletes.”

The partnership will launch at EFC 36, the final event of this year, and encompass all 10 EFC events in 2015.

“We, at Aquavita, are incredibly excited to be coming on board as the official water partner at EFC. Not only is this incredible sport among the fastest growing on the African continent but also on the global stage. The work that these athletes put in to their training and preparation is extremely demanding and we are so glad that they will now be keeping hydrated with what we consider to be some of the best water out there!”

Aquavita will be the water of choice for athletes rehydrating after weigh-ins, and during and post bouts. It will be available to fans at all live EFC events, plus Aquavita will feature on all of EFC’s extensive TV, media and eventing platforms.

About Aquavita Mineral Water

Aquavita is a reliable, quality mineral water that is locally produced and focuses on purity and hygiene of the product. Aquavita prides itself in being involved in building the community through supporting and caring about projects that promote healthy living, community and development.

The source of our water is located deep in the heart of the Schurveberg Mountains. Our water descends and filters through natural layers of rock before reaching a forty meter wide aquifer approximately a hundred meters beneath the surface. The aquifer is surrounded by a number of major water dykes, believed to be some of the largest in South Africa.

The safety of this refreshing water is enhanced by the fact that it doesn’t contain manmade pollutants that are present in many of the shallower water sources found in South Africa.

It is this pristine source that provides some of the purest and best tasting water available. Although naturally pure, the water is bottled using state-of-the-art ozone and UV systems to ensure the highest standards of safety and the best quality product. Using a single water source ensures consistency in product and taste. Our water is filtered and bottled with the latest filtration technology available. Aquavita water contains very little fluoride and no external additives.

Aquavita water exceeds all SANS and SABS standards for type 0 drinking water, the highest standard that any bottled water should meet.

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