Fantasy VS. Reality

Bagattin vs Roodman, 11 December

Johannesburg (South Africa) – Welterweight sensation Gordon ‘Rage’ Roodman is on the precipice of his biggest fight in EFC yet. On 11 December he will face former welterweight champion Dino ‘The Lion’ Bagattin on the main card of EFC 36.

“I feel amazing!” exclaimed Roodman in an interview yesterday. “This fight will be the best ‘Rage’ anyone has ever seen. I am injury free, stronger and fitter than ever and I am in a mental space far more focused than I have ever been,” he added.

“I am going to knock his punk ass out,” predicted Roodman. “If by the 7 minute mark, he is still standing, he is going home broken, bloodied and beaten.”

“I don’t think he can take a shot.” Roodman quipped. “However, I don’t really care. I have heavy hands. Suspect chin or not, if I land clean, you are in trouble.”

Responding to Bagattin’s ‘Hobbit’ comments Roodman had the following to say: “Oh boy, how bad is it going to suck for the rest of your life when you get beat up by a ‘hobbit’. Just remember, hobbits only appear in fairy tales.”

“I suppose he has to say something to convince himself he has the edge in any aspect of this fight,” concluded Roodman. “I for one know, I can trade with the best South Africa has to offer.”

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