Mynhardt vs. Madge III

Carnival City, 21 February 2015

Johannesburg (South Africa) – Possibly the biggest and most contentious rivalry in EFC history will have its final chapter when lightweight champion Leon ‘Iron Lion’ Mynhardt and former champion Don ‘Magic Man’ Madge meet for the third time.

Their first meeting at EFC13, catapulted them both onto the global stage. Mynhardt for his ferocious toughness and Madge for his brilliant striking talents. It is still regarded as one of the most legendary bouts in EFC history, largely in part due to its controversial ending.

Deep in the third round Mynhardt, his face cut up by the speed of Madge, landed a sledge-hammer that rocked Madge back, and had him indicating to the referee to stop the fight. Here opinions differ. The referee took Madge’s call for a time-out as a verbal submission. Madge insists he was letting the referee know that his gum guard had been bitten in half, and Mynhardt keeps things simple with “you gave up, bro.”

Mynhardt was awarded the win, while Madge’s outspoken fans have never forgotten. Their second meeting took place at the same venue, Cape Town’s GrandWest Grand Arena, this time with Madge the reigning lightweight champion. After his ground demolition of Costa Ioannou, all expected him to dominate Mynhardt – then thought of as having a week ground game. Mynhardt entered the bout a new and improved all round athlete, resisting every submission attempt.

The fight went the distance in what was seen as the closest fight in EFC history without a draw. Mynhardt was announced the victor again, this time via split decision. The local crowd was left in shocked awe. He left Cape Town with the belt. Once again Madge and his fans were left on the wrong side of a decision that could have gone either way.

They have been scheduled to meet twice since that fateful night in Cape Town. But due to injuries, once from each party, the third meeting has been postponed till now.

Mynhardt has been a proverbial thorn in Madge’s side throughout his career in EFC. They are arch rivals. For their third encounter they will face each other in Johannesburg, the first time they meet in Mynhardt’s backyard. In a rivalry that has already etched its way into the history books, perhaps fate will line up in Madge’s favour.

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