Du Plessis runs through what is in his gym bag ahead of EFC 40 fight next Saturday

Johannesburg, South Africa – Professional mixed martial artists have serious demands on them. The most obvious of which, are the physical demands on their bodies. However, many do not realise the logistics that go into planning a training camp for a fight. Every athlete is different, but there are some things that you cannot do without in your gym bag at all times. Welterweight Dricus ‘Stillknocks’ du Plessis runs through his essential gym bag contents ahead of his massive headlining bout against Dino ‘The Lion’ Bagattin on June 6th at EFC 40.

1) I always have my GNC shaker with me for my pre /post workout drinks. They are absolutely essential for maximum performance and recovery.

2) My custom made ’Stillknocks’ Bite-X mouthguard. For maximum protection and comfort when I train and compete.

3) I always make sure that I have some sort of disinfectant spray or sanitizer for after training to prevent Staph infections and rash on my body. Personal hygiene is very important in our sport especially since you are always in contact with other people who are also sweating and germs spread very easily in a gym type of area.

4) Then my supplements are always in my gym bag. Pre-training I have my GNC Metabolic Elite tablets for maximum performance and more calorie burn during weight cutting towards a fight. Then I have either my gold standard 100% whey protein or My ‘XXX Amplified Mass’ as a carb drink after training depending on the day and type of training for quick recovery and with that I take 2 caps of glutamine to boost the recovery even more.

5) Athletic tape or some type of type is something I never go without. Whether it is taping velcro gloves to protect your teammates or for all sorts of small injuries such as cuts/cauliflower ears / sprained fingers/toes or whatever it is a very valuable piece of equipment to always have by your side when training .

This will be the first time that du Plessis fights at welterweight. Seven kilograms less than he has ever competed at previously. With the added challenge of this new weight cut, will his trusted kit help him to success in the biggest fight of his career?

EFC 40: Bagattin vs. du Plessis, presented by, and takes place at Carnival City, Johannesburg, on Saturday 6 June 2015.